Training Services

1-on-1 Personal Training

1-on-1 Personal Training is perfect for those serious and committed to their fitness goals. The focus is solely on you and 100% of our time is dedicated to just that. Workouts are optimized to meet efficient standards as well as learning correct form and technique.

60 Minute Sessions

60 Minute 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions work for over 90% of clientele and is recommended for you. A mix of cardio and weight training is used to ensure each client receives body fat loss along with muscle tone gain. Clients signing up for 1-on-1 Personal Training are given many tools to achieve their fitness goals including:

  • -Customized Diet Plan
  • -Individual Cardio Schedules
  • -Personalized Workouts
30 Minute Sessions

30 Minute 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions are for those who either can’t afford 60 minute sessions or are high-level athletes. Those who are financially strained, please email me at

For high-level athletes, they may require certain high intensity methods, shorter duration, and more frequency per week. These methods are related to HIIT principles but based on a number of proven fitness programs. Again, 1-on-1 Personal Training clients are given the following tools:

  • -Customized Diet Plan
  • -Individual Cardio Schedules
  • -Personalized Workouts

Group Training

Group Training is a great option for those financially obligated to other matters but still determined to achieve their goals. The energy is high and the workouts are straight to the point! There are 2 classes that crush the competition:

Body Burn

Body Fat Loss is the name of the game! The energy is high, the music is loud, and the results are incredible! Best bet for those looking to trim on a budget and make their dream body!

Sparta 360

Muscle tone is the priority and strength comes with it! Exercises target the best avenues to build that muscle while increasing functional strength at the same time. If you’re looking to get those biceps and abs defined, pick me!


VIP Personal Training

1-on-1 personal training sessions with non-disclosure/privacy forms for film industry professionals, actors, actresses, and other VIPs while on location in Wilmington, NC. Studio is fully blind-able with flexible schedule to accommodate varied call times or on location. Please click VIP Personal Training header here for link to that information.