Muscle & Getting Bulky: How to lift weights and keep a feminine look without getting bulky

Muscle & Getting Bulky:

How to lift weights and keep a feminine look without getting bulky


Get bulky

You are at the gym and you see women lifting heavy weights and they have that bulky look. Your response is to get on the elliptical and stay away from the weights because weights will increase your muscle size and make you look less feminine.

You are right! Women can get bulky from lifting weights.

Women and Bulking

Let’s talk about “bulking up” with weights in women. What do you think of when you say bulky? To be honest the term bulky is subjective, meaning that each woman views “bulky”
differently.  Wait, bulky is Ms. Olympia, Iris Kyle (2006 – 2014), right? Well, what about Jullian Michaels, Jessica Beil, or Beyoncé? Do they fit your idea of bulky?

Toned muscle or bulky?

Let’s dispel the myth from the beginning; women can’t get bulky when lifting heavy weights.   Large muscles need a lot of dedication to strict diet and many years in the gym to develop. There are a select few that may be able to gain muscle mass easily, but it will still take years of strict nutrition and lifting to get a bulky look like Ms. Olympia. It is not for the weak!



Lifting weight without bulking

Good for cardio but not toning

So, how do you lift weights without getting bulky? You want to keep a feminine look, gain some strength, and loose body fat.   You can’t get that on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical. That is wasting your time and energy and getting you nowhere.

Let’s talk about getting toned. Loosing body fat helps show off that toned look! You say you don’t have toned muscles. Yes you do. There is muscle under the body fat just waiting to be shown off.  Every woman will have a different toned look depending on her genetic make up. Yes, your genes determine what your toned look will be but lifting weights can help accentuate the muscle tone. The less body fat you have the more toned you will look. You can change it a bit by building some muscle (that is a different blog).

If you are afraid of bulking here is what you can do:

  • Have an effective warm up before lifting with full body exercise (dynamic warm up).   Dynamic warm ups increases heart rate in a shorter period of time and burns more calories. Don’t get on the treadmill.
  • Don’t life weights to failure. (Stop your reps before you reach the point where you can’t possibly lift again)
  • Lift high reps with lower weights. As you get stronger you will need to increase

    Lift Heavy

    your weights.

  • Lift heavy weights once a week. Wait, what? Won’t that make me bulky? No, once again bulky is subjective, it takes years, and you can effectively loose the “bulk” by toning down on training and cutting calories back a bit. Bulking muscles takes more calories and time. Fat loss and toning takes a calorie deficit.

Nutrition is the key to fat loss and getting that feminine toned look.

No excuse

Add weights

Stop making excuses for not lifting weights. You will feel stronger and more empowered that you can accomplish anything. What’s stopping you? Go lift and have fun.

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