Women – Deadlifts, Squats and Bench Press, Oh My!

Women - Deadlifts, Squats and Bench Press, Oh My!

As a woman you aren't getting the best of your weight training using dumbbells and machines.  Don't get me wrong, isolating muscles in your routine hasn't been done all in vain.  You do get some benefit over time, but you could be getting greater benefits doing compound movements that use more than one muscle group at a time.  Stop wasting your best resource of time and improve your body in a more substantial way.


Benefits of compound exercises:

Change and sculpt your physique

Deadlifts are challenging to start. Focus on form then add weight.

Doing squats and deadlifts will sculpt your gluten and legs along with strengthening your lower body.  You also strengthen your core for stabilizations.  The bench press will sculpt your chest, arms, back and shoulders as well as engaging and strengthening your core.  Talk about physique changing with just three exercises.  Who doesn't want that?




Burn a ton of calories

Who doesn't want to burn a lot of calories?  Using multiple muscle groups when doing dead lifts and squats increases your heart rate which as we know burns more calories.  While you are training multiple muscle groups you are also building lean muscle which is more efficient at burning calories even at rest.

Prevent Injuries

Seated dumbbell press uses deltoids, bicep, tricep, and trapezius muscles.

Doing these hard, but beneficial exercises strengthen multiple muscle groups that work together rather and isolating them.  You are training your body for daily life activities.  As we move through our do our muscles don't work independent of one another they work in tandem with each other so why would we isolate them in our workout?  Strengthening muscles together doing your Doing dead lifts, weighted squats and bench presses improves your balance and coordination.  You are also improving your mental and physical concentration to accomplish these compound lifts by having to think about engaging multiple muscles at the same time.  Balance and coordination along with mental and physical concentration aids in your ability to prevent those accidental injuries!



Improve performance in the gym

With your improved coordination and concentration your performance in the gym is more efficient.  You are able to accomplish more from your workout leading to less time dedicated in the gym.  Your running will improve due to the increase in your lower body strength.


Take your gym time and invest in using more muscle groups and pushing multiple joints through a range of motion.  Go ahead and challenge yourself to deadlift, squat and bench press, the benefits are amazing.

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