Women: 6 reasons to Leave Your Gym

Women: 6 reasons to leave your Gym

I had a conversation with a female friend of mine recently and afterwards, I had the realization that women are getting screwed at most gyms.  


Stay with me here, this is gonna get good!


A picture of an Empty Gym



In this post, I will explore six reasons why women should leave their gyms.  Hopefully, when we are done, you will see the proof of the high cost you pay for the low cost gyms and most importantly, how you can win!

And TRUST me, for the women CRUSHING it in the gym that know all this?  KEEP KILLING IT.

Back to our topic at hand.  In other words, when you fail to follow up on your goals, you become an ideal client for gyms.  Knowing that alone should help you understand why women are not benefiting from their gym memberships.

Ladies, you don't have to fail!  You can do better!  You can fix this!

67% of a gym's profit comes from you not following up on your goals. (SOURCE)  This is the reality of what you miss out on when you join that big box gym.

I hope this spreads over the world. Let's go onto the good stuff and provide more substance for the haters.

1. Body Fat Loss

Peggy, a client of mine that lost over 50lbs in 6 months

Women are far different than men.  Your body is complex.  You need different exercise for burning body fat more efficiently.  Gyms are full of ellipticals, treadmills, and a bunch of other equipment.

Cardio? ✓
Body fat loss? ✓

Reality?  The stuff you're doing probably isn't working as well as you wish it was.  Who isn't enticed by simple machines with actual instructions on them?  The best type of exercise for burning body fat is dynamic.  Meaning, it engages your entire body without much outside control.  For example, swimming, kick boxing, etc (SOURCE).  Just to make sure, we are speaking about low impact - choose swimming as your #1 choice.

2. Weight Training

Mike after 2 hours of training.  He was fine.

Guess what's more effective, especially for women?  Free Weights. (SOURCE)  TIP:  I'm speaking about proper free weight training.  Higher risk reaps a higher reward.  Machines are great for other reasons, but for the purpose of this post, put them out the door for now.  Machines focus on just toning and strength focusing on one main muscle.  Free weights force the use of multiple muscles giving you more bang for your buck!  Who doesn't want that?

3. Muscle Tone

That's me. Yes, I love Nike!

This is the stuff that makes your legs look great.  It's those toned arms in that dress.  But it's also that tissue that increases metabolism, making losing  body fat easier.  In fact, muscle is known to burn 3 times more calories than fat.  When you increase your muscle tone it's like super-sizing your body's fat burning engine.  In short, with more muscle tone, you'll burn more body fat faster.  The fact is that the points above matter to produce muscle tone, but without #4, forget it!

 4. Nutrition

Without Diet & Nutrition,
forget it!

A completely different Pandora's box opens when you address women's nutrition.  you can literally control how serotonin is produced by what you eat. (SOURCE)  It can balance your hormones, give you more energy, help cure depression, and many more things.  You know what? It's like that unicorn wonder drug that promises to cure everything.  Let's just do a reality check here and confirm that healthy eating creates a healthier baby. (SOURCE)  I'm guessing that's true for adults too!

5. Feeling Better

Walking into the gym can cause anxiety.  You are trying to feel better, not worse.  After going for 2.5 months, you see little improvement and you don't know how to move forward.  You are now bored with the introductory routine all the while looking around the gym, you see all the gym rats fit and working hard and you don't know how to get there.  Talk about depressing and experiencing anxiety.  Studies show that 69.4% of middle-aged women suffer from anxiety alone. (SOURCE)  Similar, but different figures are represented for depression as well...and it's not your fault.

The 1930's black lung from coal mines still exist...it's just that now, our job demands and life stress hurt our brains along with some of our genes that cause the most pain.  If you want proof, just see how much big pharmaceutical companies make off your pain. (SOURCE)

6. Money

Hopefully, only a few got this far.  Why?  99.9% of you will agree and do nothing, while others will disagree completely.  I'll add some context.  In 2016 I read a book that made you audit your money into a pie chart and it optimizes your life.





Imagine the blueprint to your life and then this pie chart goes BAM:  here's the answer to all those problems.

Ah...there we go.

And then she drops the bomb.

What bomb you ask?

Keep reading!!


I'm extremely professional at my job, the reason I curse here is this is a blog, pay attention.

My Uncle's car for his Wife

Here's a picture of my really wealthy uncle's brand new car for his wife.  He worked his ass off for it!

Money is awesome!

Screw this blog let's talk about how awesome money is.



Money buys lots of cool toys, Right?

My uncle has a brand new Porsche 911!

Oh shit, I guess I have to do this thing called reality.


Look, people, the only consequence to my uncle's wealth was literally 4 doctors saying "you have 6 months left."  But hey, before the negativity drops in - good news is he made it out of the woods, things are cool...

On no, there's reality again.

I was pre-med.  I read everything he wrote me.  He simply bought time on something that will eventually kill him.

Guess what your biggest resource is?


And you got head-faked all your life into thinking it was Money.

This one's for you, tomorrow makes it 7 years, 5/17/10

Make a change

Oh by the way, I promised a fix.

Well that's a head-fake too.  That's all up to you.  I can't convince you that the money is worth it.  The truth is that hiring a Personal Trainer for at least 6 months will pay off way more than a cheap gym membership.

"Life Audit" makes it painfully clear:  There's the efficiency of execution and the quality of execution.

You want both.

Without both you're wasting time, energy, and that awesome $30 money deal per month to boot.

What I can say to close is that your kids, your husband, your own medical health...damn, you're worth it.  You create life.  It's time to change yours.

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