Abs – 3 Shredded Techniques by the Pros

These 3 techniques build shredded abs in no time.  Just be forewarned to BEAST mode these 3.  They are not for the weak!

Technique 1 - Contraction Squeezing

Contraction squeezing Go as intense as possible with abdominal exercises.  Focus on holding your reps at contraction.  (Meaning pulling your abdominals toward the floor while on your back.  Abdominal exercises are great for burning off a lot of body fat around your stomach.  This is not necessarily spot reducing, but abdominal training elevates your level of reducing body fat.  An example of contraction squeezing is while doing lying knee ins for abs shoot for 20 reps while SQUEEZING your abdominals when your knees reach your face.  Don’t forget your breathing here.  You need to breathe out on the contraction while continuing to squeeze your abs.

Technique 2 - Negatives

These are something I will address in another blog, but essentially you just resist gravity on the negative (lowering) portion of your lift. Make sure to resist gravity SLOWLY to the floor while keeping abs contracted.  Again, your body maximizes body fat loss and abdominal work if you breathe in slowly as you do the negative.  A great way actually measure this, making sure your abs get a great workout and body fat burning is maximized, is by counting to 8 while doing your negatives. I personally keep my phone on Timer to watch my negatives go 8 seconds.

Technique 3 - Half Reps

Ah, the last one that'll surely burn your abs out. Take the example on knee ins.  As you do your negative, STOP right in the middle of the negative, halfway to the floor, and then pull REAL hard back to your face. Again, making sure you are contracting those abs.  Next, begin your negative again for a full 8 seconds.   I'll use an example to explain... This works well when you're at that 15th rep & looking to knockout 20. You want to really hit for the fences hard to make the most out of your abdominal workout.




Are you tired of spending hours in the gym and not getting the results you want?  These methods blow the rest out of the water.  Stop wasting your time and maximize your efforts in the gym.  Get as intense as possible with these techniques and you'll be shredded before you know it!

Be forewarned!  Have your protein shakes ready!

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