3 Steps for Muscle Tone – “Over-training”

3 Steps for Muscle Tone


On limited time, how can you maximize your workouts? It's actually so simple, this blog actually tackles how to survive the aftermath. Put these 3 principles to use & watch your muscle grow:

Step 1 - 10x10 Sets

Pick a part of your body, either upper or lower, & then pick 1 major compound lift for that.

For example, on Monday I'll choose the king of kings for me: deadlifts.

Pick a weight you can fairly easily get 10 reps. Then, hit 10 reps each set, only resting 1 to 2 mins in between sets. A gigantic “volume training” effect will take place.

Basically, past 4 or 5 sets, you're going to be exhausted, but keep pushing. We'll address this at the end.

Ideally, you hit that 1 compound lift 10x10 sets & you're SMOKED.

Step 2 – Machines or Body Weight to Finish

Here's the test: after that 10x10 for that 1 compound lift, go to either a machine or use a body weight exercise next in your workout. If you can move your muscles, you didn't hit the 10x10 hard enough.


Do another 10x10 set but be careful to watch fatigue. You want to go until you can't move.

For example, I'll do butt to floor body weight squats, close stance. I'm barely able to move, but I'll push through & burn extra for thighs (quads mainly on close stance.)

This is called using the “shock principle.”

In other words, you're trying to put yourself on crutches on purpose.

If you chose an upper body exercise, such as forward dips, you're intentionally trying to make it difficult to lift your arms.


*Muscle grows by getting a really strange stimulus first... meaning, you're better off doing something totally crazy, with perfect form, rather than the usual movements.

Trust me... the next part is important.

Step 3 – Recovery Expert Mode

Last night, I made some Instagram & Facebook posts about over-training.


Facebook business: https://www.facebook.com/Fit4Life-Personal-Training-Studio

Facebook personal: https://www.facebook.com/fit4lifestudio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/8pack_chris


What is over-training?

Over-training is, in best terms, your body's way of saying “OH NO. I'm DEAD.”


Not only are your muscles sore but every time you eat or stretch, they just get worse.

For example, I had a solid 7 days in a row of training, so Monday I went to the gym again, with literally tendons + ligaments hurting.

Decision time...

1.) Pick your food.

Some love salmon. Some love steak.

I personally love steak & went to Texas Roadhouse for the motherload – 16oz sirloin with 2 sweet potatoes, with rolls. And yes, the point for me was to OVERLOAD the calories.

If you're truly sore top to bottom, these calories will be sucked into your muscles.

*Tip: Keep down the body fat by hitting this no later than your 5pm “off work” dinner. And yes, this is more important than family dinner.

2.) Pick your sauna.

Immediately after that HUGE protein influx, with calories, your blood is rich...

So don't waste it & hustle it right away to a sauna, hot tub, or extremely hot bath.

Make sure you move through “adhesions” with your knuckles, a foam roller, or another active stretching method.

The goal here is to push blood into those sore areas in order to repair the great damage you did.

3.) Sleep

This is the final part to gaining muscle.

Review what you just did:

You "overtrained" your body where it's so sore you can barely move.

Then, you stuck to a normal diet, until WHAM.

Calorie influx.

Further, you moved that calorie-rich blood into the muscles that needed them very much.

Now, it's time to give your body what it really wants: repair time.

That is, you're only growing when you sleep.

You need this to reflect change.

Without it, you're missing a critical component.

Which is room for another blog post in itself...

Train hard & eat smart!

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