Training and Testimonials

I love nothing more than to immortalize the incredible achievements of my clients into enjoyable pieces of artwork that will last forever!
Nothing is more valuable to me than my client’s happiness.
Angie Oakley came to me in 2014. What came out is best described through her words. This is her full story:


Rachel & Mark came to me in 2013 before the arrival of their newborn. By taking care of her health pre and post pregnancy, Rachel had a very healthy, very beautiful baby girl!

Peggy is a school teacher and one of the hardest workers out there. Losing over 50 lbs in 60 months, this is her story!




Mark and Rachel




Final Thought:
The best compliment we can get and sometimes the best motivator to help you take start your journey is to see how others got started. Remember, the failures they’ve had are the same as you. It’s the successes they’ve had that makes it all worth it!