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Get Ripped, Eat Your Cookies: PB & Chocolate…& Tequila Edition

Have your cookies...and Squat Too? Here's some advise from a chef, passed onto me, & now modified to what I found incredible: Why Cookies? Fitness comes with bland diets & burnout. Trick your mind to get in more protein helps your body grow... it hates monotony. So, try it! Ingredients 1 cup peanut butter, creamy…
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Diet for Fat Loss: Recipe for Success

Diet dictates fat loss. Period. Personal Training alone tends to fall short of this area, leaving many clients out to dry, so this is where I can help. This recipe is made to "shock" your diet & spice things up, so don't skimp on the vodka. Purpose Lose Fat Gain Muscle If you're looking for recipes…
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3 Lifts to Rip Abs

3 Lifts to rip abs Ripping yourself a new one? Fair game...but let me ring in here: Abdominals are some of the most sought after muscle groups by men and women alike.  Let's face it, summer is nearing and we all want those perfect abs for going to the beach.  In this blog, I describe…
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