Eggs, Fitness choice of Protein

Eggs, Fitness choice of Protein In one of my previous blogs, I made the statement that “diet dictates fat loss.  Period. (Source).  One of the most versatile and useful protein choices you can make to aid in your diet and nutrition plan is the Egg.  In the past, the choice of your egg selection at…
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3 Steps for Muscle Tone – “Over-training”

3 Steps for Muscle Tone "Over-training" On limited time, how can you maximize your workouts? It's actually so simple, this blog actually tackles how to survive the aftermath. Put these 3 principles to use & watch your muscle grow: Step 1 - 10x10 Sets Pick a part of your body, either upper or lower, &…
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Top 3 Fat Gainers You’re Doing & How to Stop them

Top 3 Fat Gaining Diet Fails You're not doing them on purpose. The top 3 fat gaining diet fails I've seen in over 10 years time & time again.     1. Carb Mania Carbs are not king. There's so much mis-information out there about carbohydrates.  Let's make it simple.   a. Fruits Since these are…
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