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Fit4Life Studio is a private personal training studio designed for 1-on-1 and Small Group Personal Training in the Wilmington, NC area. The focus at Fit4Life Studio is on creating results by customizing each person’s plan to achieve their fitness goals. Areas of expertise are body fat loss, gaining muscle tone, core power, and increasing overall strength! Fit4Life Studio provides each person with the progress and results they need for  a total body transformation!

Why Personal Training at Fit4Life Studio?

Gyms make 67% profit on you quitting. (SOURCE)

Above, a picture of an empty gym.
In better terms, when you fail, you’re an ideal customer for them. And they know the average drop time is 2.5 months.
What’s $30 x 12 months? $360? That’s easily 1 month of Personal Training that will take you much farther.

Body Fat Loss

A large part of my clientele happen to be women in their 30s to 60s looking to lose body fat. Peggy above is an actual client of mine who lost over 50 lbs in about 6 months.
Women are far different than men. Your body is complex. Believe your doctor on this.
So why is it so hard for women to lose weight on their own?
Gyms are full of ellipticals, treadmills, & a bunch of other equipment that gives you that warm Christmas feeling. That’s not how it works.

The apps or programs you’re doing probably aren’t working as well as you wish they were.

Why? Because it’s profitable to fool you into believing a human problem can be outsourced to a DVD or app by:

Outsourcing Humans

We’re trying to outsource humans and…

It’s not going well, especially in the fitness industry. Would you outsource your doctor in place of an app?

What about a psychiatrist? Well, it’s profitable, & it’s happening:

I’m going to use critical thinking here & say that kid has human mental issues that should be addressed by an actual human.

Let’s get you some more information on how to make the best fitness decision.

Weight Training

(That’s Mike after 2 hours straight… he was fine.)

Another majority of my clients are women looking to increase muscle tone. You know, increase definition & strength.

Guess what a gym will sell you: machines.

Free weights are extremely dangerous for those not experienced. However, free weights are much more effective, especially for women (SOURCE)

Higher risk, higher reward.


If the trainer doesn’t live it, don’t chose them. This is me above. Yes, I love Nike.

Gyms don’t offer nutrition.

diet for fat loss and muscle tone part 1

If they do, it’s a back door to selling you supplements. Or meals.

How about teaching people how to eat to maximize their goals?

A completely different Pandora’s box opens when you address women’s nutrition; you can literally control how serotonin is produced by what you eat (SOURCE.)

It can balance your hormones, give you more energy, help cure depression, & many more things.

You know what?

It’s like that unicorn wonder drug that promises to cure everything.

Let’s just do a reality check here & confirm that healthy eating creates a healthier baby (SOURCE), so that must be true for grown-ups too.

Don’t Pay for Access: Pay for Accomplishment of Your Goals

Studies show that 69.4% of middle-aged women suffer from anxiety alone (SOURCE.) Similar, but different figures are represented for depression as well.

And it’s not your fault.

The 1930s black lung from coal mines still exist… its just that now our jobs hurt our brains. It’s your job demands, life stresses, it could be genetic.

This is for sure: if you want proof, just see how much big pharmaceutical companies make off your pain (SOURCE.)



People usually only spend money when it’s an emergency.

Here’s the truth.

Not all my clients are rich. I’m extremely luck to have a great mix of all walks of life. They just understand 1 thing:

Guess what your biggest resource is?




Every single part of every-day life head-fakes you into thinking it’s Money.

So be smart. Take care of your health.


And I wish you the best in your fitness goals!


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