VIP Personal Training

Why Fit4Life Studio for VIP Personal Training?

Fit4Life Studio is the only completely private, window blinded, lockdown facility with its own privacy contract in Wilmington, NC.  In other words, when a VIP arrives, nobody can see in or out while only authorized personnel may enter and a privacy contract is encouraged.  Most actors and actresses filming in Wilmington have their assistant or representatives present their own form of a privacy contract before arranging a first training session.

Sessions are performed at 4:30am or 5am since normal shooting schedules start at 6am.  Since shoots can have erratic schedules, Chris can also arrange traveling to your location.

The benefits of hiring Chris for personal training during these grueling days on set are:

  • Accountability for showing up and staying in shape
  • Disciplined Structure with focus on increasing fitness and eating right
  • Increasing energy through exercise, especially with little to no sleep
  • Flexible schedule to work around your call times
  • Convenient location just 5 minutes from EUE Screen Gems Studio.

Chris Monahan has worked with people in the film industry ranging from the best known in the world to people on their first shoot.  Whether you (or your client) are a well-known celebrity or are just beginning your career in film, Chris understands and is here to help.

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