Want Big Biceps? On this one Size Does Matter!

Want Big Biceps? On this one, Size Does Matter!

Let's be real here.  Everybody wants great looking biceps.  The biceps muscles are by far one of the most impressive muscle groups that are highly visible & get the most exposure than any other body part.  Big biceps muscles signify strength & fitness better than any other body part as superficial as that may sound.

The bicep muscle group is actually comprised of two heads that make up the upper portion of the upper arm.  Also associated with the biceps are the two connecting muscles located on the side of the arms that sit between the biceps & triceps muscles.  These muscles connect the biceps muscles with the forearm.

For anyone wanting a muscular build, training the biceps and associated muscles is a must. When training the biceps it is important to train all of the muscles of the biceps as well as the associated muscles of the arm to create that illusion of larger biceps overall. Stick with me here as I take you through a great bicep building program guaranteed to give you results.

The Mass Builders

Barbell Curl

Barbell Curl

To perform the barbell curl start with your arms fully extended straight, elbows locked close to your side and back.  Next raise the bar towards your chest while keeping your elbows fixed and back.  Squeeze the biceps tight as the bar reaches up to your chest.  Finally lower the bar back down until your arms are again fully extended.  This full range of motion is important to ensure you work the full bicep muscles. Perform 3-4 sets of barbell curls for 10-12 reps each to fatigue the biceps.  If you are using a heavier weight for more mass then target 8-10 reps for each set.

Training Tip: Include negative reps at the end of your sets to fully fatigue the biceps.  To do negatives, use cheat reps to lift the bar up to your chest but then resist the weight as slow as possible while you lower the bar back down.  I like to include 3-5 reps of negatives to crush the workout.

EZ Barbell Curl

Negatives to Crush the biceps

EZ Barbell curls are performed the same as straight barbell curls, except of course with an ez bar.  Form is key on these exercises, so make sure to keep the elbows fixed to your side and back.  When doing EZ barbell curls, alternate between underhanded and reverse grips for some added torture.  You'll hate me at the end!  Perform 3-4 sets with 10-12 reps each set.  8-10 reps for heavier weights to build mass.

Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell curls can be done as an alternative barbell curls or inclusive in your routine to work the biceps even further.  Form is key as with all of these exercises.  Keeping the elbows fixed and back, start with your arms fully extended and palms facing forward. Curl the dumbbell towards the chest and contract the bicep.  Lower the dumbbell back to starting position.  With this exercise, you have the option to alternate arms curling one at a time, or curl both arms at the same time.  No matter which method you choose, focus on perfect form and incorporate negatives in the end to destroy the biceps.

Barbell Rows

Barbell Rows

Include barbell rows into your arm workouts for the win!  Using a barbell, bend over keeping the back perfectly straight and arms fully extended.  With an overhanded grip, keep the elbows tight against your side pull the barbell up to the chest.  Perform this exercise with a lighter weight and try to get 50 reps or until failure.  Working the biceps as a secondary muscle here is a great way to finish off your arm workout.



Training biceps is a key component to anybody's fitness journey. Maintaining body symmetry is important as it makes the overall physique of an individual.
Keep your arm workouts simple and avoid over training the biceps to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.  Alternate your exercises between underhanded and reverse grips.  Finally include negative reps to crush the muscle group.  Be consistent with this plan and you'll be flexing biceps in no time at all.


As always if I can be of help to you in your fitness journey, please reach out to me at fit4lifestudio@gmail.com.

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