Shocking Truth Behind the Keto Scam? – Part 2

Shocking Truth Behind KETO Scam? - Part 2

In my last blog, I wrote about my intention to get first hand experience with the KETO diet. The goal being to explore the inner most workings of this diet & get first hand knowledge of how well....or how poorly it works.

If you recall from Part 1 I wanted to find out if while on the KETO Diet, you can support a healthy lifestyle.  Specifically, can you support a fitness lifestyle that includes lifting weights 3 days per week, 1 hour each, with 20 minutes of cardio attached, minimum.  I planned to use the diet as my cutting diet to get my body back in shape.

The Plan

265 lbs Bulking season

My diet & exercise program will focus on cutting body fat &  retaining muscle mass.  My body fat cutting measures includes using the KETO diet principles with little to no carbs, healthy proteins & fats.  I also included my exercise routines to help shred body fat and retain lean muscle mass.





"Yes, it's difficult. Nobody said it would be easy."

Here is the breakdown to my Ketogenic Diet - "Phase 1"

  • 35% Protein, 60% Fats, 5% Carbs

In other words, I went right for the hardest Keto breakdown for me, personally. This is why I call it "Phase 1." To be honest, I did not like reducing my protein intake to just 35%. Even after your initial 1-2 weeks of difficulty adjusting to any Ketogenic diet, your body & mind should get in line. However, what I noticed was that all of my lifts went down, including a loss of strength. Now, of course that's to be expected but that's just not my cup of tea.

The great news is that I certainly lost 40 lbs very fast. I also brought out definition & vascularity that was more than I expected. What made the difference was my choice in good fats. I stick to walnuts & almonds because, I really don't have the time to complain about a lack of variety. The result was an enormous boost in what feels like "alkaline energy." In fact, it's really that increase in omega fats along with the million other benefits of good fats circulating through my veins.

On the carbs? Misery is a good term to describe my first 2 weeks. However, my body eventually did exactly what the Ketogenic Diet promises. Now, of course it was extremely difficult & I was very moody... but the Kreb's Cycle is real people. Futhermore, the scientific principles behind the Ketogenic diet do indeed hold their weight in my experience.

Phase 2?

I volunteered to be the guinea pig here so I have zero room to complain. I will be switching those ratios above & report back with not only pictures, but details into how I felt.

At the end of the day, Phase 1 at 35/60/5 is not a sustainable diet for me. While it does drop 30 pounds very quick, I'm going to move onto another formula from the Ketogenic Diet.

Flat out, you're looking for a diet that is sustainable.

Don't go extreme.

What you really want is something you can maintain as a lifestyle, not just a fad. The reason being, fads always pop like a balloon. The only casualty is your heartache, then your body "rebound", which can lead to more serious problems called "depression."

I will be updating my Phase 2 on Keto... but don't be surprised if I break the rules just to see what level my ketones are at (by the way, you can buy ketone urine strips online, which is a great way to see exactly how your body is reacting.)

Current Results

Bodybuilders generally go through phases of developing their physiques.  Typically bodybuilders put on muscle mass during bulking phases which includes an increase in body fat due to the number of calories you take in to promote muscle growth.  After a period of bulking and normally to prepare for bodybuilding competitions, they undergo a cutting phase to strip away the body fat, while retaining the muscle mass added during bulking.

During my bulking phase this time, I put on so many lean lbs muscle mass by an insane caloric intake. Along with 2 daily power naps & shakes in between? It was a constant food factory. Not to mention, lifting extremely heavy many times every week. In that respect, I increased my weight to 265 lbs.  Conversely, in the past 33 days, I've been officially "cutting down" using this Ketogenic diet as a long shot. I must say,  I am impressed, especially since I reduced my body fat while dropping 40 lbs at the same time.


Genetics play the largest factor in your own exercise & diet program. This is why I advise everyone to save their money on supplements.

Put that money in a safe place. Hopefully one day you'll make the leap to invest in even just 1 session with a highly qualified Personal Trainer.

Wherever you live, there is bound to be at least 1 Trainer that would be willing to genuinely help guide you in your weight loss quest. That $30 or $60 saved from protein powders will go a lot further for you when you go to the people who dedicate their entire lives to this stuff. Books & articles are great, but model greatness after people that live it, not say it.

Your Ketogenic journey will become incredibly more effective once you sit down with a qualified PT eyeball to eyeball. Write down your weaknesses. Be truthful about what sucks. But in the same light, always procrastinate on that negative voice inside that says "you can't do this." Promise that voice you'll listen to it tomorrow... but today, you're too busy getting your health handled.

And don't take that as an advertisement for me, or other PTs. Matter of fact, I wish you luck vetting a good PT to talk with. Listen, the sacred days of Yelp, Google Reviews, & social media reviews as a good radar are over. They have been invaded by "paid reviews" & I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Not to mention, Personal Trainers are super competitive by nature. All too often, I see excellent PTs damaged by false reviews in attempts to draw more of the market share their way.

Be careful to judge whether the PT's main motive is money or some other hidden agenda that just doesn't feel right. In the end, its going to hurt your bank account & body to have a mediocre PT. I'll write a separate blog on this, but use your gut instinct. If it sounds like BS, it probably is.

In closing, there is much truth to what I said on Facebook that:

"When my clients make progress, I am one happy man."

Going through this Keto diet... it's a double edged sword. The "bounce back" rate is similar to the Atkins Diet. I'm still in touch with many people that email me with in that same position: the weight came back on heavier.

Therefore, feel free to send me any Keto woes you may be having. I may not be able to answer right away, but I will surely help you the best I can at no charge. I simply ask that you just follow any guidelines I give you, at least for 2 weeks straight to see how you look.

Imparting my knowledge upon others doesn't always come with an invoice.

Sometimes the best "reimbursement" is a photo of those size 6 jeans you finally fit into again.

Also, as always if you are indeed in the great area of Wilmington, NC - feel free to contact me about finally making your physical health a priority. I promise it only leads to a better life.

Chris Monahan


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