About Us

Bodybuilding changes lives. We empower, facilitate, and cultivate positive change. We are your personal trainer, nutritionist, supplement expert, lifting partner, and support group. Join us!


Fit4Life Studio is a fitness center dedicated to making sure you meet your fitness goals.
With customized nutrition & cardio plans along with superior workouts, You will be amazed at the progress you make while working with Chris Monahan.

Fit4Life Studio is wildly different than other fitness outlets due to many reasons, including that the owner and director of Personal Training, Chris Monahan, has been doing this for 11 years and counting.  He lives the lifestyle and has the pictures to prove it.  Secondly, since owning Fit4Life Studio in 2010, Chris Monahan's work has been published in the Huffington Post and our local Star News for his success with his clients.  A point of pride is getting the job done no matter the challenge.  Thirdly, it's not just about the usual lines: "accountability" or "I'm motivated" or "we have the best."  It's about results.  The truth is, it takes an enormous amount of work to optimize everyone's workouts, diet and cardio in order bring out the best.  Every person, including you, has a different genetic response to exercise.  That's our job, that's what we optimize here.  We even utilize the latest technology on the market to ensure you're better each month and that we continue to stay ahead of the rest.  Our video testimonials prove that before/after photos are what 90% of the rest use.  We actually have real people with real stories, proving that Fit4Life Studio is as genuine and effective as it gets, which is still a currently ongoing collection.  Remember that choosing a Personal Trainer, whether Group or 1-on-1, is a huge step forward in your health, so choose wisely.  Fit4Life Studio would certainly be more than happy to see you here!

SINCE 2010

In 2010, it was clear that the big box gyms I was working for and the XYZFit fad that was coming out just had it all wrong. Using over 6 different fitness disciplines I created a process that expedites fat loss and gained muscle tone. Now, for the same price you pay for 1-on-1 training in that crowded gym or that other fitness outlet you can get the same here, just more efficient with faster and better results.

our mission

On the surface, I aim to get those pounds off you and get that muscle tone going. However, the real reason I opened Fit4Life Studio was to increase the vitality of your organs and have you feel just incredible about life. That's what it is for me. After all the body fat is gone and you look like that perfect toned image of yourself, I do hope - you get the other side, which is about beating the grim reaper...by living well.

our Principles

At Fit4Life Studio, I promise to put my vast knowledge of fitness to work for you. I will give 110% of me into making sure that your fitness goals are achieved while maintaining the highest levels of integrity that should be a standard in the fitness industry. In short, you have my promise to help you be the best you that's possible.

--Chris Monahan