Group Training at Fit4Life Studio

Fit4Life Studio is proud to offer Rip60, the best group training program in Wilmington, NC!

Here are the 3 complaints I see with other group training programs that Rip60 is designed to address:


1.) No individual attention in classes.

You want that Personal Trainer 1-on-1 with that same time & attention but you just can’t afford it. Here at Fit4Life Studio, I personally make sure everyone gets enough attention to make their progress optimal.

2.) No structured diet plan or cardio plan for outside the gym.

The BIGGEST, and I mean biggest conversation we’ll have is diet. Every Rip60 class comes with minimum 10 minutes of diet advice.

3.) High risks of injuries. (You can guess what gym outlet I’m talking about.)

People who can’t afford to get hurt should think about this seriously. High risk exercises are not needed to burn body fat & tone muscle, no matter what you’re told.


What is Rip60?

Rip60 consists of scientifically optimized workouts devoted to burning body fat & toning muscle. Come ready for change!

Exercises include highly effective training such as kickboxing, battle ropes, full body compound lifts & more!

The best part?

This entire program was designed for maximum efficiency due to the time & effort – and the sources below contain the scientific facts to prove it!


When you sign up to Rip60 at Fit4Life Studio, you’re stepping into one of the most effective workouts ever.

Most importantly, Fit4Life Studio approaches group training with the same care as 1-on-1 training. Each person is not taken as just another number. Plenty of attention is given to each person as the class size is set to a maximum of 4 per class.



Body Fat Burning

Rip60 utilizes the best scientifically proven body fat burning methods. These methods follow HIIT protocols under guidance of the trainer.

Battle Ropes & Kickboxing are just a few of the training methods used to kick start adrenaline at the very beginning of Fit60!


(20 min duration each class)

group training 1


Muscle Toning

The Rip60 weight training circuit utilizes only the most effective exercises at building muscle tone. No matter if it’s chest, back, arms, abs, or legs – everything is set up for maximal results!

Physiologists concluded that certain exercises combined with a specific training volume optimizes muscle tone & strength. This circuit was built on these facts & constantly changes day by day due to this evidence.


(30 min duration each class)



Diet/Cardio Questions & Cool Down

Finally, you’re not just left to the doorway. It’s critical to your fitness success for you to understand proper diet & cardio guidelines. The last 10 minutes is used as a cool down & information share time on the proper diet/cardio protocols.

I can’t stress this part enough – most boot camps or group training classes do not come with this!

(10 minute duration each class)

kitchen full of protein



You’ve just completed the most efficient workout in just 1 hour time. From the battle ropes to the boxing gloves, all the way to the weight training… you just maximized your gains in fitness that tower over what you could achieve on your own, all within budget!



Not only are you getting the best workout in Wilmington, NC but you’re getting it at a BARGAIN rate for the month of October 2016.

If you signup within the month of October, the price breakdown is:

1 time per week at $69.99 per month

2 times per week at $119.99 per month

3 times per week at $149.99 per month

Please feel free to email for more information & availability at:

Group Training