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Fit4Life offers one on one and small group personal training in the Wilmington, NC and surrounding area. We focus 100% on you, your goals and custom tailor your program so you can reach those goals.


Save with Group Personal Training!
The most difficult hurdle in reaching your goals is usually taking that first step. Get in touch with us today to learn about our new small group training option - see how we can make taking charge of your own health one of the best decisions you will make!


Fit4Life Studio is a private 1-on-1 Personal Training Studio focused on body fat loss & increasing muscle tone. Lose inches on your waist, gain muscle definition in your entire body, develop your core muscles, & more!

Beyond the physical results, the programs offered here improve your quality of life. Each program creates an increased sense of well-being, mentally, emotionally, & further into other aspects of your life.

Decide to make that step TODAY for a better body, a better life!